Herbal Formulas - Decoction

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These herbal formulas are cooked as an herbal decoction.

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  • Ba Zhen Tang - Eight Treasures - 1 bag
    Ba Zhen Tang - Eight Treasures - 1 bag

    Herbs Dosage
    Ren Shen 9 gram
    Bai Zhu 12 gram
    Bai Shao 15 gram
    Dang Gui 15 gram
    Fu Ling 15 gram
    Chuan Xiong 9 gram
    Shu Di Huang 18 gram
    Gan Cao 6 gram
    -Tonifies the qi and blood
    Pale Complexion, Dizziness, Vertigo, Palpitations,…

    € 8,50
  • Bai He Gu Jin Tang - 1 bag
    Bai He Gu Jin Tang - 1 bag

    Herbs Dosage
    Bai He 3 gram
    Shu Di Huang 9 gram
    Sheng Di Huang 6 gram
    Mai Men Dong 4 gram
    Bai Shao 3 gram
    Xuan Shen 2 gram
    Chuan Bei Mu 3 gram
    Dang Gui 3 gram
    Jie Geng 3 gram
    Gan Cao 3 gram
    - Clear heat , Nourishes yin
    - Moistens…

    € 6,50
  • Bai Hu Jia Gui zhi Tang - White Tiger plus Cinnamon Twig - 1 bag
    Bai Hu Jia Gui zhi Tang - White Tiger plus Cinnamon Twig - 1 bag

    Herbs Dosage
    Shi Gao 30 gram
    Zhi Mu 9 gram
    Geng Mi 15 gram
    Zhi Gan Cao 3 gram
    Gui Zhi 9 gram
    - Clear Excess internal heat, Generates Fluids
    -Expels wind-damp, opens the channels.
    Painful swollen burning joints, limited mobility in…

    € 3,50
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    Bu Fei Tang

    Bu Fei Tang (Tonify the Lungs Decoction)

    Ren shen Or with Dang Shen
    Huang Qi
    Shi Di Huang
    Wu Wei Zi
    Zi Wan
    Sang Bai Pi Sub-Category: Formulas that Tonify the Qi
    Pattern: Lung Qi Deficiency
    Actions: Tonifies Qi and strengthens the…

    € 9,87
  • Dan Ji Tang
    Dan Ji Tang

    The body will need help in recovering after fighting off the cold. Said to improve stamina, the Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup is a popular healthy home cooked meal.

    For 2 person 1 bag

    Improves complexion, stamina and helps…

    € 6,00
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    Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang

    Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang
    Strengthening spleen-yang mainly for cases attributive to deficiency of spleen-yang and stomach-yang, Gan Cao 12g
    Gan Jiang 10g

    € 4,00
  • no image available

    Gui Zhi Tang

    Gui Zhi Tang
    Expelling the superficial evils from the superficies and muscles and regulating the Yingfen and Weifen. Mainly for superficies-asthenia syndrome due to attack of exogenous wind-cold evil.

    Gui zhi 15gr
    Bai Shao…

    € 3,50
  • no image available

    Kang Fei Yan Yi Hao Cao Yao Fang - 7 bag (Formula 1)

    Kang Fei Yan Yi Hao Cao Yao Fang (Formula-1) Helps to Reinforces body's defense against external pathogens and clears toxins that that has been found effective in protecting virus infection

    7 bags

    Cang Zhu 3gr
    Yin hua 5gr

    € 14,50
  • no image available

    Liu Jun Zi Tang

    Six Major Herb Combination
    The Six Noble Ingredients Decoction
    Liu Jun zi Tang

    1bag Ren Shen
    Bai Zhu
    fu Ling
    Zhi Gan Cao
    Chen Pi
    Ban Xia
    Da Zao
    Gan Jiang

    € 8,61
  • no image available

    Qing Fei Pai Du Tang - 1 bag

    Qing Fei Pai Du Tang
    Releasing the Exterior, clearing heat and phlegm and promoting water removalDrink once in the morning and once in the evening 40 minutes after food.
    TCM Experts recommend drinking a bowl of rice porridge…

    € 38,95
  • no image available

    Ren Shen By Duo San & Shao Chai Hu Tang

    Coughing - Damp
    Heavy breathingJing Jie
    Fang Fong
    Zhi Gan Cao
    fu Ling
    Chuan Xiong
    Qiang Huo
    Du Huo
    Hou Xiang
    Bai Qian
    zhi Qiao
    Jie Gen
    Chen Pi
    Gui Zhi
    Sheng Jiang - Add 1 Slices Of Fresh Ginger
    Da Zhao
    Cang Zhu
    Ban Xia

    € 6,50
  • no image available

    Rose flower & Chinese Date

    Rose flower & Chinese Date
    1 bag This light fragrant soup or dessert is simple to make and is perfect for women who wants to have a 'rosy' radiant complexion. Particularly if you frequently experience premenstrual or post…

    € 3,85
  • no image available

    Sheng Hua Tang

    Activating blood circulation, eliminating blood stasis, warming channels and relieving pain : Mainly for cases with blood statis and attack of cold evil after childbirth, marked bij lochiostasis and cold-pain over the lower…

    € 3,54
  • no image available

    Si Shen Tang - Four Herbs Soup 四神汤

    Chinese Four Herbs Soup 四神汤The most common and famous herbal soup recipes in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat diarrhoea, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the digestive system. It also calms the nerves and…

    € 8,20
  • no image available

    Tian wang bu xin dan - Celestial emperor's blend

    Tian wang bu xin dan - Celestial emperor's blend
    King of heaven tonic for mental discomfortNourishing yin and Clearing away heat evil, Tonifying blood and Tranquilizing mainly for cases due to Dediciency of heart engery and kidney…

    € 10,28
  • no image available

    Xiao Chai hu Tang

    Xiao Chai hu Tang
    Mainly for shao yang disease manifested as alternating episodes of chills and fever.

    Chai hu
    Huang qin
    Ban xia
    Dang Shen
    Gan Cao
    Sheng Jiang (Fresh ginger not included 5 slices)
    Da zao

    € 8,00
  • no image available

    Xiao Feng San- Dispersing Wind-Evil

    Jing Jie
    Fang Feng
    Dang gui
    Cao Cang Zhu
    Niu Bang Zi
    Sheng di huang
    Huo ma ren
    Shi gao
    Ku shen
    Zhi Mu
    Mu tong
    Chan Tui Fen
    Gan Cao

    € 9,45
  • no image available

    Xiao Yao San - Decoction formula

    Chai hu
    Dang gui
    Bai Zhu
    Bai Shao Yao
    Fu Ling
    Zhi Gan Cao
    Sheng jing ( need to add 3 slices fresh ginger) not included
    Bo he

    € 4,85
  • no image available

    Yang shen tang - Nourishing kidney soup

    Yang shen tang - Nourishing kidney soup
    San qi
    Xiang fu
    Rou Cong Rong
    Bai ji Tian
    Du Zhong
    Sang Ji Sheng
    Mu Li

    Optionel To add Fresh chicken

    € 8,40
  • no image available

    Yin Qiao Tang / San

    Yin Qiao Tang / San
    Expelling wind and heat evil, Clearing away heat evil and toxic materialYin Hua
    Lian Qiao
    Niu Bang Zi
    Dan Dou shi
    Lu Gen
    Jie Gen
    Bo He
    Dan Zhu Ye
    Gan Cao
    Jing Jie Sui

    € 9,50
  • Yu Ping Feng Tang - 1 bag
    Yu Ping Feng Tang - 1 bag

    Huang Qi
    Shao Bai Zhu
    Fang Fong

    Action : Benefiting vital energy , eliminating pathogenic agents, Strengthening the superficial resistance and stop sweating1 bag is for 2 days
    1L water - Cook for 20 min
    second day 1L water 15min

    € 8,00

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