Bu Fei Tang

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Bu Fei Tang (Tonify the Lungs Decoction)

Ren shen  Or with Dang Shen 
Huang Qi 
Shi Di Huang 
Wu Wei Zi 
Zi Wan 
Sang Bai Pi 

Sub-Category: Formulas that Tonify the Qi
Pattern: Lung Qi Deficiency
Actions: Tonifies Qi and strengthens the Wei Qi (Exterior)
Possible Tongue Appearance: Pale tongue
Possible Pulse Patterns: Deficient pulse
Preparation Notes: Decoction. 18-27 grams of Dang Shen can be substituted for Ren Shen.
Originally Appeared In: Everlasting Categorization of Seal Formulas (Yong Lei Qian Fang)
Combined Channels of all herbs in this formula: Lungs, Spleen, Heart, Kidneys, Liver

How to prepare:
Put the red ginseng in 1 liter of water, first cook it for 15 min. 
After add the rest of the herbs and cook it for 15 min again.  ( total time 30 min ) 
Drink it 2 times a day 15 minutes after a meal. 
* Drink it warm
* Dont add any sugers
* Avoid eating al kind of carrots during this days. 
* Its possible to use the herbs again. cook it for 15 min. with 600ml water.

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