Zheng hong hua you - Red flower oil

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Zheng hong hua you - Red flower oil

Product Names: 
Red Flower Oil
Zheng Hong Hua You

EN: Promoting blood circulation and removing bloss stasis, dredging the channels and alleviating pain.
CN: 活血化瘀,舒筋止痛。
PL: Pobudza krążenie krwi i usuwa jej zastoje, uwalnia kanały i pobudza w nich krążenie, łagodzi ból.

30ml per bottle
Net weight 30 ml 

Suggested Use: 
Apply a few drops to the desired area 3 to 5 times daily and rub in lightly.

Caltha palustris oil (Ma Ti Cao You) 
Turpentine oil (Song Jie You) 
Cinnamaldehyde (Rou Gui Yi Quan) 
Cinnamomum cassia leaf oil (Gui Ye You) 
Citronella oil (Xiang Mao You) 
Water (Shui) 
馬蹄草油 (Ma Ti Cao You) 
松節油 (Song Jie You) 
肉桂乙醛 (Rou Gui Yi Quan) 
桂葉油 (Gui Ye You) 
香茅油 (Xiang Mao You) 
水 (Shui)

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