Danggui Kushen Wan - 当归苦参丸

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Danggui Kushen Wan 當歸苦參丸 

Traditional Chinese supplement used for craniofacial sores, acne pimples, eczema, irritation.
Function : Cooling blood, dispelling dampness , For blood drying damp heat cause: Sores on the scalp , Acne bumps, eczema itching , red nose from rosacea.

Take 6g at a time (1 bottle), two times daily.
Contains 6g/pack(bottle) * 6 packs(bottles)/box.

Ingredients: Angelica (Dang gui) , Sophora Flavescens ( Ku shen),
binding component : Honey and Corn starch

Manufactured by Beijing Tongrentang.

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