Jin kui shen qi wan - Sexoton form - 金匮肾气丸 - Tong Ren Tang

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  • Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan can tonify the kidney qi and mingmen (the gate of life), and replenish kidney yang with warm-nature herbs. It is used to treat the insrfficiency syndrome of kidney yang marked by lumbago, pedal flaccidity, cold sensation in the lower part of the body, cpasm in the lower abdomen, dysuria or polyuria, weak and small pulse in the chi part, pale and enlarged tongue with thin and white fur. Also for beriberi, phiegmatic retention, bladder colic.
  • Tonifying the kidney and invigorating Qi (energy), invigorating the gate of life. It is used for the decline of vital gate-fire, lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney, men's serious thirst and frequent micturition and women's anuria due to the pressure of the fetus.
  • one box(360 pills), 6 boxes is one course
  • To take orally, 20-25 pills per time; twice a day, appropriate reduction of the dosage for children

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