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Usage and dosage:For external use.Coating affected parts with 2-3 times per day
Apply it on upper lip under nose if preventing flu or in the nasal cavity if preventing rhinitis.

Application:Antiallergic drug with antiinflammation and antipruritic.Used on different eczema、dermatitis、cutaneous pruritus、 insect bites and stings.Have an effect on anaphylactic rhinitis and protection against the cold.

Paeonol ointment is refined and extracted from Fengdan bark by up-to-date isolation technology which is famous authentic medicinal herbs of Anhui province in Hefei Lifeon Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.It is widely used in clinic for all kinds of dermatitis and cutaneous pruritus including eczema and urticaria wih effect of nonspecific immunity and anti-allergic reaction.Paeonol ointment is 100% chinese herba preparation which have exact clinical effect.Very safe and no toxic and side effect.

Cortex moutan is the root bark of paeonia ostii T.Hong et J.X.Zang.The best is originate from Phoenix Hill of TongLing city,Anhui province which is called Fengdan bark;Fengdan have particular odour and bitter taste which have effect on dispelling wind-cold and clearing heat and it can treat skin diseases caused by blood deficiency and wind-dry and damp and hot accumulated in skin;Clove have aromatic odour、hot in nature、sweet and spicy taste which have effect on warming the stomach and kidney and dispelling wind-cold;Small phenolics compounds including paeonol and eugenol are proved to have wide pharmacological activity asanti-inflammatory、antiallergic、analgesia、Antipyretic、spasmolysis、antineoplastic etc.The compatibility of both medicines can bring out the best in each other .

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