Shang shi Zhi Tong Gao

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Ingredients: fluid extract to eliminate wind-damp and relieve pain (radix aconiti.radix aconit kusmezoffi.mastic.myrrh.semen strychni.flos caryophylli. cortex cinnamomi.herba schizonepetae.radix saposhnikoviae.herba geranii. cortex periplocae.herba centellae.rhizoma drynariae.radix angelicae dahuricae. rhizoma kaempferiae.rhizoma zingiberis).methyl salicylate.menthol.borneol. Camphor.extract of cymbopogoa.extract of belladonna.

Supple ingredients: Rosin, Adeps Lanae, Vaselin, Zinc oxide, Rubber.

Description: the product is sheeting rubber plaster of pistachio to jasmine with fragrance.

Indications:eliminating the wind-damp .promote blood circulation and relive pain,used for rheumatic arthritis and muscular aches,sprain.

Usage and dosage:for external use only, stick it on the affected part.

Specification: Adopted complex film to pack.8cmx13cmx5 pieces.(with elastic cloth and micro-hole)


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