Feng You Jing 3ml

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Description: Shelf life: Unopened three years Effect: Cool, analgesic, carminative, anti-itch. For mosquito bites and colds caused by headache, dizziness, motion sickness discomfort. Use method: Topical, rubbed on the affected area and massage until absorbed. Ingrediten: Menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, eugenol, methyl salicylate, liquid paraffin materials and wild green pigment, fragrance(all plan extract) Tips: 1. Pregnant women and children under three years old with caution. 2 skin burns, injuries and ulcers were banned. 3 When the drug applicator careful not straying eye. 4 itchy skin rash after the outer rub should be disabled. 5 cap should be tightened to prevent liquid evaporation. 6 characteristics of the product changed to prohibit use. 7 Children must be under the guardianship of adults. 8 Keep out of the reach of children.



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