Boxing Liniment - Thaise Namman Muay Olie 450ml

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Originating from Thailand exclusively and using all Natural Active Ingredients, Namman Muay translated to English means Boxing Liniment. Boxing Liniment is a product category martial artists and athletes have come to trust and love. In Thailand, Boxing is the national sport and is the martial art known as Muay Thai, the Science of Eight Limbs. Training daily and living in camps, elite athletes / martial artists count on boxing liniment to help them train and perform.

Train at peak to perform at peak. It’s no secret that the better and consistent your training is, the better your performance will be. Incorporated into the formula are natural active ingredients derived from regional botanicals. This combination, coupled with an invigorating natural scent compels you to PERFORM AT PEAK

Use the product elite Mixed Martial Artists ( MMA ), Muay Thai practitioners, soccer players, power lifters, etc.. use.

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