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Tiger head drive oil -虎頭標驅風油 - 40ml EXPIRE DATE: 06-2023

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Product Description
Tiger head drive oil

The tiger head drive oil is an old drug, has a long history, has been based on intentions of pharmaceuticals for the purpose, hereby selected natural plant extracts from the system, features swelling and pain, Shujinhuoxue, drug grand lasting, strong penetration, and The smell is fragrant and different. Its effect can promote blood circulation, rapid direct to the muscle tissue, rapid pain relief swelling, especially for temporomandibular pain, dispelling wind and dampness, muscle pain is unique, it is a treasure for men, women and children, home travel essential medicine .


Adapt to ease the following symptoms:

Vomiting, vomiting, diarrhea, lumbago, back pain, heartache, abdominal pain, swollen feet, swollen feet, cold at the moment, cold dampness, snake bite bee, bruises, swelling and pain, lumbar strain, pediatric abdominal pain, no name swollen poison, Tang fire damage.


Function: drive the wind and blood circulation, relieve pain, reduce swelling, remove dampness, get rid of mosquitoes and bites, stimulate blood circulation, make muscles and muscles pain, joint swelling and pain, boat dizziness, neck tightness, back pain, back pain, Shujin. When I caught a cold, my name was swollen, my sprained sprain, and I was burned.


Indications: rheumatic bone pain, numbness of limbs, bruises, exogenous headache, detoxification, defecation, Shujinyuan blood, blood barrier, lumbar strain, muscle pain, bruises, muscle fatigue, hand, foot and foot, overexertion, Stop bleeding and relieve pain, sympathetic cramps, sciatica, and bruises.


Dosage and usage:

Drop a few drops on the affected area. Use fingertips to apply pressure to the affected area. Use a slow rotation method to lightly and then heavier. It is advisable to treat the patient with pain, to make the veins and muscles of the affected area loose, and to allow blood flow. According to the severity of the disease, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes for the massage to accelerate its penetration and promote blood circulation. Repeat the method three or four times a day until it is cured.


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