An Shen bu Xin Wan - Peace form - 安神补心丸

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An Shen Bu Xin Wan is a very common Chinese herbal remedy used to manage difficulty in falling or staying asleep. 

An Shen Bu Xin Wan calms the Heart and spirit and restores normal sleep rhythm by nourishing Heart Yin and blood while anchoring hyperactive Liver Yang (caused by deficient Heart blood). When blood is insufficient and therefore fails to nourish the Shen (spirit) which is said to be housed in the heart, a feeling of your heart pounding and having a hard time falling asleep are common symptoms. An Shen Bu Xin Wan may also be used for mood swings and lightheadedness.

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae 27%

Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis 13%
Zoma Acori Tatarinowii 13%
Cortex Albiziae 8%
Herba Ecliptae 8%
Fructus Ligustri Multiflori 5%
Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae Recens 5%
Concha Margarititae Usta 4%
Semen Cuscutae Chinensis 4%
Dextrine 5%

Net Weight: 36g (0,18gx200pills)
Recommended use: 3 times daily 8 pills, 1 hour before or after meals.

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