Shen rong wang jiang - Gingseng & antler royal jelly 10ml x30Btl

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Product Names: 
Ginseng and Antler Royal Jelly
Shen Rong Wang Jiang 

EN: Tonifying the five viscera, replenishing essence, regulating the apleen and the stomach.
CN: 補五臟、填精髓、和脾胃。
PL: Tonizuje wszystkie pięć Trzewi (Zang), uzupełnia Esencję, reguluje Śledzionę i Żołądek.

10ml x 30 vials per box
Net weight 300 ml 

Suggested Use: 
Twice daily: one vial mornings, one vial evenings.

Panax ginseng root (Ren Shen) 
Lac Regis Apis (Feng Wang Jiang) 
Cervus Nippon pilose antler (Lu Rong) 
Honey (Feng Mi) 
Water (Shui)
人參 (Ren Shen) 
蜂王漿 (Feng Wang Jiang) 
鹿茸 (Lu Rong) 
蜂蜜 (Feng Mi) 
水 (Shui)

  5%: Ren Shen - 人參 - Panax ginseng root
  3%: Feng Wang Jiang - 蜂王漿 - Lac Regis Apis
  1%: Lu Rong - 鹿茸 - Cervus Nippon pilose antler
70%: Feng Mi - 蜂蜜 - Honey
21%: Shui - 水 - Water

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