Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan - Easeplus form

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Product Names: 
Easeplus Form Pills
Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan 

0.18g x 200 pills per bottle
Net weight 36 grams 

Suggested Use: 
8 pills to be taken with water 3 times a day, 15 minutes after meals.

Paeonia suffruticosa bark (Mu Dan Pi) 
Gardenia jasminoides fruit (Zhi Zi) 
Paeonia lactiflora root (Bai Shao) 
Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome (Bai Zhu) 
Bupleurum chinensis root (Chai Hu) 
Angelica sinensis root (Dang Gui) 
Poria cocos (Fu Ling) 
Glycyrrhiza uralensis root (Gan Cao) 
Mentha haplocalyx (Bo He) 
牡丹皮 (Mu Dan Pi) 
梔子 (Zhi Zi) 
白芍 (Bai Shao) 
白朮 (Bai Zhu) 
柴胡 (Chai Hu) 
當歸 (Dang Gui) 
茯苓 (Fu Ling) 
甘草 (Gan Cao) 
薄荷 (Bo He)

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