Fu Ke Hong Hua - Gynecological safflower antibacterial lotion

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Fu Ke Hong Hua 
Gynecological safflower antibacterial lotion

This product is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum sterilization and disinfection product. It has the characteristics of safety and stable effects. 

Gynecological safflower antibacterial lotion

[Scope of use] Skin, male and female genital mucous membranes.  Women's vulva cleaning and disinfection before and after childbirth, abortion and vulva cleaning and nursing before and after sex. 

[Antibacterial category] This product has an inhibitory effect on purulent bacteria, intestinal pathogenic bacteria and fungi.  [Main Ingredients] Sophora flavescens, Phellodendron, Angelica dahurica, Viola, Menthol, Daqing Ye, Honeysuckle, Platycodon, Radix Isatidis, Mugwort Leaf.  [Precautions] 1. This product can only be used externally, not internally.  2. It shall not be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life.  3. A small amount of precipitation during storage is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use. 

[Specifications] 220ml with flushing device 4] Packing] Please read the box and product label instructions carefully before using the high polyethylene plastic bottle

[Usage] 1. Vaginal irrigation: Take an appropriate amount of the original liquid and pour it into the irrigator directly, then insert it into the vagina, and squeeze the bottle to rinse. 
2. Vulva cleansing: Take an appropriate amount of this product and directly rinse or apply wet compress. 
3. Apply the original solution to the skin or mucous membranes. 
1-2 times a day. 
Stored in a cool and dry place.

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