Burdock tea

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Burdock tea

Brand : Natural garden

Ingredients: 100% Burdock

1pack contains 15 pcs

In Japan, Burdock is Known as "The Oriental Ginseng" It is dried using the latest production techniques to ensure the outstanding tea quality. According to "compendium of Materia medica" it helps detoxification to swelling and antiaging. Burdock tea's outstanding reutation of being well known as "The vegetable King"Made its popularity throughout japan, Korea and Taiwan. 

Functions: According to chinese medicine, excessive toxin buildup induces constipation and general skin troubles. it helps detoxification, reduces swelling and improves renal function. in the long run, burdocktea may accelerate intestinal peristalsis, rid uric acid along with other toxins and excess water. As a result,this may relieve constipation,stimulate blood circulation and stabilize blood lipids. it had the standard to moisturize the skin and reduce fatique. Drinking burdock tea is a great way to sustain your healthy life.

Add 250ml boiling water to the tea and leave to infuse for 1-2 minutes



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