Shao lin zheng gu jing - Shaolin osteoessence

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Shao lin zheng gu jing - Shaolin osteoessence

Product Names: 
Shaolin Osteoessence 
Shao Lin Zheng Gu Jing

EN: Improving blood circulation and removing blood stasis, eliminating swelling and killing pain, expelling wind evil and clearing cold.
CN: 活血祛瘀,消肿止痛,祛风散寒。
PL: Pobudza krążenie krwi i usuwa jej zastoje, zmniejsza obrzęki i łagodzi ból, wydala patogenny wiatr i rozprasza zimno.

60ml per bottle
Net weight 60 ml 

Suggested Use: 
Apply to the desired areas 3 to 6 times daily or put in bathing water.

For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use on sores or open wounds. Do not use during pregancy.

Veronica peregrina (Jie Gu Xian Tao Cao) 
Acanthopanax gracilistylus bark (Wu Jia Pi) 
Lycopodium japonica (Shen Jin Cao) 
Zanthoxylum schinifolium pericarpium (Hua Jiao) 
Notopterygium incisum rhizome (Qiang Huo) 
Angelica pubescens f. biserrata root (Du Huo) 
Corydalis yanhusuo tuber (Yan Hu Suo) 
Bornelum (Bing Pian) 
Mentholum (Bo He Nao)
接骨仙桃草 (Jie Gu Xian Tao Cao) 
五加皮 (Wu Jia Pi) 
伸筋草 (Shen Jin Cao) 
花椒 (Hua Jiao) 
羌活 (Qiang Huo) 
獨活 (Du Huo) 
延胡索 (Yan Hu Suo) 
冰片 (Bing Pian) 
薄荷腦 (Bo He Nao)

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