EXPIRE DATE : 31-05-2024

Dai wen jiu gao - Warm plaster moxa substitute EXPIRE DATE : 31-05-2024

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Dai wen jiu gao - Warm plaster moxa substitute
Daiwenjiu Gao 

12 pieces, 5cm x7cm

Recommended use: 
For external use only , plaster on the intended area
Not to be used by pregant woman.
Sensitive skin.

Fructus capsici, Cortex cinnamomi, Rhizoma Zingberis recens , Oleum cinnamomi, Rubber, Rosin, Zinmc oxide , Lanolin

A safer substitute for moxa, Warm Plaster Moxa Substitute has the same effects of moxibustion but without the hazards of a burning moxa. It is especially useful for back and joint pains, abdominal pain and diarrhea due to cold-insulted spleen and stomach, also useful for rheumatid arthritis and chronic gastroenteritis with above symptoms.


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