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Die da zhen tong gao - Brown Plaster

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Product Names: 
Brown Plaster
Die Da Zhen Tong Gao 

EN: Activate the blood and stop pain, resolve blood stasis and reduce swelling, expel wind and dampness.
CN: 活血止痛,散瘀消肿,祛风胜湿。
PL: Pobudza krążenie krwi i powstrzymuje ból, usuwa zastój krwi i zmniejsza obrzęki, wydala wiatr i wilgoć.

10x400cm per tin

Suggested Use: 
Cut the plaster as appropriate and apply it to intended area.

Not to be used during pregnancy. Not to be used on open wounds. Stop using it when skin appears allergic.

Rheum palmatum root (Da Huang) 
Scutellaria baicalensis root (Huang Qin) 
Phellodendron chinensis bark (Huang Bai) 
Dalbergia odorifera heart wood (Jiang Xiang) 
Polygonum cuspidatum rhizome (Hu Zhang) 
Bornelum (Bing Pian) 
Oleum menthae (Bo He You) 
Camphorum (Zhang Nao) 
Mentholum (Bo He Nao)
大黃 (Da Huang) 
黃芩 (Huang Qin) 
黃柏 (Huang Bai) 
降香 (Jiang Xiang) 
虎杖 (Hu Zhang) 
冰片 (Bing Pian) 
薄荷油 (Bo He You) 
樟腦 (Zhang Nao) 
薄荷腦 (Bo He Nao)



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